Bath Guitar Studio is proud to announce One to One Online Music Lessons via Skype.

Skype lessons are available in Guitar, Lute, Ukulele and Banjo.

Here is how it works:

* All you need is a relatively modern PC/Laptop with a broadband internet connection, a webcam and a microphone
* Note: to be effective your broadband needs to be at least 3Mbps (preferably >10Mbps)
* Download the current version of Skype (it’s free) and install it on your computer
* Sign up to Skype for your free address
* Book a lesson time with Bath Guitar Studio (via email or phone)
* Pay for your lesson via Paypal (at least  24 hours in advance)
* Go Online at the agreed time
* Accept the call when your tutor rings you via skype
* You can see, and hear, your tutor on the main screen
* You can see yourself on the small inset screen
* Your tutor simply sends your music through to you during your lesson
* You can then view this music on your monitor whilst still viewing your tutor – or you can print it out
* Bath Guitar Studio’s online lessons run exactly the same as a one to one lesson in our studio – except you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. The system is easy to use, even for people not so computer literate.
* You can even record the lesson to play it back at your leisure (free software to record Skype video is available online)

Here are just some of the benefits:

* Study from home
* Save time and money on your journey to our studio
* The lessons are the same price as our studio lessons
* Receive the same expert tuition as you would in the studio
* Ideal for people who cannot travel – for whatever reason
* Perfect if you live too far away from a suitable tutor

To find out more, or arrange lesson times, please call Bath (01225) 469459 or email me at

The lessons are priced as follows:

30 minutes - £13
60 minutes - £25

All lessons are to be paid for in advance through Paypal

Please note: At least 24hrs notice must be given to reschedule, or cancel, a booking.

We can teach students all over the world at a time that suits you.
 Why not get in touch today?