Supplied by pupils, or parents, in their own words:


“I can highly recommend John for anyone who wants to play the guitar, irrespective if you're a beginner or more advanced player. Be aware though, you won't just rapidly improve but you'll also be exposed to different genres (if you want) and have a lot of fun along the way, as John's manner and knowledge around all string instruments and styles are second to none!”
Ed van Rooyen


“John is a brilliant teacher! I really recommend his lessons; he is very patient and encouraging, and provides lots of helpful materials for learning! I feel safe in the knowledge that I am learning to play under supervision of an experienced teacher, and I really look forward to my lessons. I have a whole new appreciation for music, and have grown to love playing guitar even more than I did before!”
Jess Sowton


"Definitely recommend John as a teacher. He really seems to tailor the lessons to you as an individual and chooses songs that teach you the important skills while also being well suited to your own own musical tastes. Also I appreciate that he varies the skills that you learn so it stays quite fresh and interesting."

Beth Boulton


“I have been learning to play the lute with John for about a year and a half. It was great to find a lute teacher close to where I live. John is a very patient and encouraging teacher and his knowledge of the lute, its history and repertoire is fantastic. He is flexible in terms of the frequency of lessons. I look forward to my lessons with him very much”

Paul Goodman


“Having taken a break of two decades since messing about on the guitar as a teenager, taking guitar lessons with John has been a fantastic experience. John has been an invaluable teacher. He's calm, encouraging, and the lessons feel individually tailored to the goals I want to achieve. Under his guidance, I'm making fast progress, and I'm really enjoying the lessons. I can't recommend him highly enough”.


“Decided to learn the ukulele having never played a instrument before. John is an excellent teacher with lots of patience. He explains things clearly and encourages you to learn the correct way. So enjoying my lessons – thanks”.



“John has been great, helping me to take my first few steps with playing the guitar. I am a complete beginner to playing any sort of musical instrument, but with John's tuition and patience I am beginning to gain confidence. I always look forward to my weekly lesson”.




“John is a great teacher. He is very patient and lets pupils progress at their own pace whilst keeping them interested. My seven year old daughter seems to be getting more and more enthusiastic about playing the Ukulele”


Ed and daughter Victoria




As someone who had never played an instrument (apart a painful experience with a trumpet at school) up to the age of 53 I thought there was little hope. But after receiving a ukulele last Christmas I decided I had better had some lessons if I was to get anywhere.


In a relatively short time John has patiently shown me what is possible with the ukulele and also showed it can be a serious instrument. I always leave his lessons feeling enthused and am surprising myself with my musical progress.
If you are thinking a taking up an instrument just do it (I suggest the ukulele because it is so versatile) and get some lessons with John.
Les Gower

I've been going to John for nearly three years, firstly for Ukulele lessons and then recently he persuaded me to move up to a Classic Guitar. I've never touched a string instrument before in my life. It has taken a while, but in the time I have been having lessons I have learned to play the Ukulele and am well on the way to making music on the Classic Guitar.
John has been extremely supportive of my efforts to become proficient with both instruments. He has a fantastic style of teaching. He is patient, always ready to explain in simple terms as well as demonstrating what it should really sound like.
David Wright

John is a fabulous teacher and has taught me for a few years now. I was anxious to begin with but John was so patient that I felt at ease and gradually gained confidence. John teaches each person individually with an understanding of why they want to play and of their needs. I would warmly recommend him as teacher.
Amal Sabir

I have been having lessons for the past year with John, after my wife purchased lessons as a birthday present.
Each lesson introduces music of increasing difficulty, new techniques and challenges.
I enjoy each lesson with John and he has shown me what I am capable of with a guitar.
Colin Lonsdale

The best way I can review John's Bath Guitar Studio is by this set of circumstances: We have to walk far, often in the rain, on a school night, and on an evening where the kids have other opportunities available to them. When we asked them if they wanted to stop going there for tuition so as to avoid these issues they both shouted "NO! We want to keep going to lessons with John!"
Compared to lessons at school they say he is more knowledgeable, more helpful, and provides more interesting musical options. He provides the opportunity to try instruments like the lute and ukulele that are not as widely taught. There is also the kind offer of sweets and stickers for the kids, and coffee for the adults. The fact that we go well out of our way sums it up best.
Michael Proulx

I am coming late-ish to learning a musical instrument, being in my 50's. And for the last couple of years I have picked up a guitar in January only to put it down again in Feburary.
This year was no different expect that in March I decided to really give it a go, and having checked out guitar tutors in Bath booked a free 30 minute session with John - what could I lose?
Well I lost nothing and have gained a lot. John is clearly not only well qualified to teach guitar (amongst other stringed instruments) but he seems to have a genuine passion for teaching and, important I think, tailors lessons to the sort of music I like, which has kept me motivated and keen to go back for more. So even if I arrive at a lesson a bit disappointed that I still haven't made it to Jimmy Page level that week, I leave wanting to try out whatever we have been working on as soon as possible. And that means I practise more, and I need to (don't we all?).
Thanks John
Ken Sexton

After a break of more than 40 years, I decided that I should stop thinking about playing the guitar again and just do it. John was the first guitar teacher I contacted and I have been taking lessons with him now for almost a year.
John took the time to find the style of guitar-playing that fitted my ambition and and continues to encourage and support me at my regular lessons with hints on technique and suggestions on what to play. My questions on music theory are always answered patiently and with examples and notes to reinforce the learning points. My chosen style (fingerstyle jazz) is quite challenging, but I feel I'm making progress.
John has a phenomenal breadth and depth of experience both as a player and as a teacher. He teaches students of all ages with the same patience and good humour.
Highly recommended.
Chris L

Great teacher with a laid back style, he breaks down every step and makes every lesson enjoyable! My son has picked up many skills!
Matty Byrne








John is a really great guitar teacher, and within a short time of going, I have learnt lots, and lots, of techniques and songs. He is super knowledgeable across the range of styles, I have learnt Spanish, Jazz and even some Rock chords. I love going, and I always come back much better at playing and more knowledgeable about what I am learning.
Oscar ***** (14)
















"With excellent knowledge and patience in abundance John has guided me through a vast range of music. He was quickly able to asses my skill level, found music that I would enjoy playing and kept me motivated at times when my progress seemed slow. I can highly recommend John as teacher!"








John is the best ukulele teacher in the whole wide world because he always helps me with putting my fingers in the right place. He is also very patient and kind. I look forward to my all my future lessons with John.
Livvy (aged 7)








After a break of more than 40 years, I decided that I should stop thinking about playing the guitar again and just do it. John was the first guitar teacher I contacted and I have been taking lessons with him now for almost a year.








John took the time to find the style of guitar-playing that fitted my ambition and continues to encourage and support me at my regular lessons with hints on technique and suggestions on what to play. My questions on music theory are always answered patiently and with examples and notes to reinforce the learning points. My chosen style (fingerstyle jazz) is quite challenging, but I feel I'm making progress.








John has a phenomenal breadth and depth of experience both as a player and as a teacher. He teaches students of all ages with the same patience and good humour.








John is incredibly patient and takes time to encourage, no matter how slowly you progress.
John makes sure you do progress whilst enjoying the music by picking music with you for you to learn and keep motivated.








Sam is really flying with his guitar playing. A lot of this success is down to John's coaching.
Within a few weeks (of starting) Sam was playing Jimi Hendrix.
John seems to inspire his pupils by providing them with a number of fundamental music exercises through a diverse range of music: Rock, Blues, Classical & Folk. It's not all chords and Scales; it's music.
Most of all Sam enjoys having john as a teacher.

Andrew (Father of Sam 14)








Charlotte's been learning to play the electric guitar with John for about 18 months. He very quickly had her relaxed and able to learn and experiment with confidence. Charlotte's making great progress and really enjoys her lessons. She's joined the Blues Band at her new school and enjoys playing in a group as well as solo.
Sheila (Mother of Charlotte 11)








Out of the many teachers I have been taught by, John has had the most impressive and professional approach to teaching how to play Guitar by far.
Dalfino (14)








We've been coming to theBath Guitar Studio (John's) for a few years now, always professional, my daughter is now an accomplished & confident guitar player.
Ian (Father of Alice 12)








I'd highly recommend John to any parent looking for a guitar teacher for their child. John is talented, enthusiastic and very organised. His encouragement and attention to detail has enabled my son to go from a complete beginner to a proficient and passionate player in just one year.
Alison (Mother of Mathew 12)








I have been tutored by John for 2 years, and have stepped up to really playing, as opposed to strumming. Which is a great achievement for me at 60 years of age.
Sean (60)








I enjoy my guitar lessons. John is a very patient teacher and always has suggestions as to how to improve on the techniques I find 'difficult He takes the trouble to find pieces to match my taste in music, and will produce a new piece as soon as I am reasonably competent at playing the previous one. It is up to me to put in the required amount of practise.
Tom (14)








John is a good teacher who is happy to teach whatever my Son wants to learn to play, as well as the things he should learn. He has patience when he (my son) doesn't play things correctly. He's also very friendly.
Liam (Father of Finn 14)








"It's been really great to both see and hear Tom improve so much, he even seems to be enjoying himself!"
Richard (Father of Tom)








"Having never played before, and not being particularly musically inclined previously.
I have now been taught by John for 6 weeks and already I can play a variety of different styles of music from blues to rock and some finger picking! John ensures that there is always a friendly, encouraging atmosphere during the lessons and he is very keen to get you playing the styles and pieces of music that you want to.
I am really learning from John and I would recommend his lessons to all."

Dave Downie 32  Professional Aeronautical Engineer








"I am a professional musician, and I wholeheartedly recommend John as a good teacher. He is versatile, and can communicate extremely well to his students. Both my sons go to him, and I am very happy with their progress."
Jason Rebello (father of George & Jacques)








"John is a truly professional guitar teacher with a great depth of knowledge of everything from medieval lute to synth guitar.
He has guided my son through his classical grades in very short order indeed
Duncan (father of Louis 11)








"I have been learning Ukulele with Bath Guitar Studio for several months and look forward to every lesson! There is a relaxed atmosphere and I feel productive each session. I have progressed quickly , but at a speed that I enjoy.
I would highly recommend for learning Ukulele and I'm sure any other instrument that is offered."








Finley (14)








"I started to learn to play the guitar from scratch under a year ago. Thought it would take me longer to play pieces of music, but just as John promised I was able to play the guitar in no time."
















"It takes a lot of patience to teach older folk, such as myself. John has it in abundance.
Always providing new work, encouragement and inspiration to help me along the way.
Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Thankyou John."








"I'm a beginner (Ukulele) and first met John when I decided that I really needed help if I was ever to master the instrument.
John has infinite patience and under his tuition I have not only learned a lot, but have had fun.
His encouragement is well received.
An excellent tutor."









"When I first considered getting lessons for the ukulele I had no idea how helpful they were going to be. John is a fantastic tutor - extremely patient and good at explaining things, as well as being very lovely in general. Along with the uke I've learned to play the guitalele, and even a little bit of guitar. Incredibly good value for money!"
Emma (15)








"I could just about twang a rubber band when I started with John and was skeptical that anyone could teach my sausage fingers to pluck a recognizable tune from my cheap classical guitar. That all changed on day one. John's patience and good humour immediately put me at my ease; his clear teaching quickly demystified some guitar basics for me and gave me confidence. At the end of the lesson, which flew by all too quickly, he played a couple of pieces on my guitar because I wondered whether I should invest in a better one. Those few minutes convinced me that I didn't; they probably saved me the price of the next ten lessons! At 55 I've probably left it a little late to be the next Julian Bream but with John's help I'm sure I won't be the last to say, "You're never too old to learn!"








"Having tried on and off for years to learn using teach-yourself books, with only moderate success, I finally took the plunge last May and started taking regular lessons with John. What a difference he has made. Within less than a year his calm, confident teaching and boundless enthusiasm have inspired me, and his ability to convey musical ideas and demonstrate them with skill and knowledge have helped me to achieve a standard which I never thought I would ever reach."








"I have been taking guitar lessons for over six months, as I always wanted to learn classical guitar, but did not have much time in the past. I can honestly say that I thought it would be a difficult thing to do, as I could not even read music, but John's patient approach, encouragement and knowledge made it possible. I can already play Bach's little Prelude in C Minor pretty well; it gives me a great sense of achievement and makes me really happy. Thank you John for all your help!"








"I've had several Guitar Teachers over the years and John is by far the best I've known, very organised, patient, kind and knowledgeable - and I've progressed more in the last 3 months than I did in the previous 3 years. Highly recommended."








John has been very supportive of my son. He is calm and clear in his approach and as a result my son picked up playing skills relatively quickly.
I would highly recommend Bath Guitar Studio.

Hanna (mother of Caleb 11)