Useful Links

For the Guitarist:

Probably the best of the Online Music Shops,

Easily the cheapest String Supplier – and very quick delivery too,

The most useful Tablature Search Engine – albeit the pop-ups are most annoying,

Most of the Tabs you will want are here,

Arguably the most popular Tab Editor around – although it has it’s faults, and it costs 60€ currently – but you can download a free trial version which will let you read the tabs,

A much better Tab Editor – AND IT’S FREEWARE – although it’s not as popular – so not as many tabs,

Online Music Store based in Germany – some good quality gear at very reasonable prices,

For the Lutenist:

The essential site for any UK based Lutenist – I can’t recommend this enough – a great source of information and very nice people too,

You can download “Fronimo” from this site – probably the best Lute Tab Editor,

A huge database of downloadable Lute Tabs in pdf form,

A very useful explanation of Tunings and Temperaments for the Lutenist – essential reading,


Assorted Songs in chord form,

Free Christmas music for Uke,


 By far the best Banjo Tab site.

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